Opening Day Buffalo Check

November 15 is a holiday here in the state of Michigan- opening day for firearm hunting season.  Or “Christmas with guns” as they say in the movie Escanaba in Da Moonlight. I’ve been informed by our builder that construction on our house will stop during this two week hunting season (Nov 15-30).  So I guess I will not be cooking my Thanksgiving turkey in our new house. Only in Michigan does the world stop so 750,000 hunters can go out and shoot deer. Or wolves, this year at least.  My mom was at Meijer last night in Brighton and she said there was a line of hunters waiting to get their limited-availability wolf hunting licenses for the season.

Hunting is not really my thing.  As a former vegetarian, I just can’t see myself actually shooting a deer.  Shopping is my sport of choice! Buffalo check is a trend I’ve seen in fashion and home decor this year.  In honor of Opening Day, here are some of my favorite buffalo check finds:

Buffalo Check Collage

clockwise, from upper left

women’s red coat/buffalo check chair/infinity scarf/women’s vest/girls’ coat/kids bedroom

PS- you can watch Escanaba in Da Moonlight for free on Hulu right now to get in the spirit of Opening Day

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