Inspections and Insurance

Oh the joys of homeownership!  Inspections and insurance. I spent way too many hours today on the phone with insurance companies trying to get the best rate on homeowners insurance. The task of haggling and comparing quotes is exhausting, but the cost-savings makes it worth it in the end. Another item on my “to do” list was to nail down a private home inspector.  Our home inspection and final walk through are both this Friday.

When I lived in Phoenix, I took a homebuyer education class through a neighborhood housing association.   It was an 8 hour class and I am so glad to have saved the textbook for future reference. I pulled it out today to refresh my memory on how to compare insurance quotes.   If a homebuyer education class is offered in your local area, I highly recommend you take it.  I would be weary of any course offered through a mortgage broker or other for-profit group using it as a sales tool. Just do your research and make sure it is with an unbiased organization like a local community college or neighborhood housing service group.   

I’ll be back on Friday night to share photos from our inspection.  I am so excited!!

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