Blue & Orange Toddler Boy Room

Big Boy Room Collage

(start upper left, clockwise)

Starburst Wood Mirror– is also from Target. It originally retailed for $49, but I got it on sale over the summer for just $15. Source.

Light– looks industrial and will swap out easily for the builder grade ceiling fixture. Source.

Airplane Propeller– such cute décor item for a boy. This one pictured is from Restoration Hardware and way out of my budget. I found something similar at Homegoods, but unfortunately don’t have a photo to link to just yet. Source.

Inspiration room photo– I saw this on Pinterest many moons ago and just loved it so much it was my inspiration for pulling together Lucas’ big boy room. Source unknown.

Mid-Century Bed- we bought this for Lucas at the Pottery Barn outlet over the summer. It is a West Elm bed and normally retails for $699. I paid just $150 because it was a floor sample and was missing a few pieces of hardware. Source.

Rugby Striped Quilt– I ordered this from Creative Seams on Etsy. The quilter, Jill, is from Ann Arbor and makes just about any color combination you can dream up. Source.

Orange Link Ottoman/Pouf– I found this at Wal-Mart actually and was surprised to see an ottoman like this for under $30. Perfect for a kids room! Source.

National Parks Map- is adorable and has stickers to mark off the places you’ve been. Lots of fun for a little boy. ElloThere on Etsy has a great version.  Source.

Airplane Pillow– very boyish and affordable on Etsy. Source.

Modern bed sheets– are from Target and are currently on sale! I am thinking about picking up an extra set before they sell out. Source.



Visit to Calder Dairy & Farm

We were invited to celebrate Madison’s 2nd Birthday at Calder Dairy & Farm in Carleton, MI today.  Lucas had so much fun, he did not want to go home.

It is a real working farm and it is absolutely free to visit. Well if you don’t count the gas it takes to drive out there.  Or the mandatory ice cream cone you can’t leave without.  But seriously no admission fee and you can bring in your own food. If you are looking for an inexpensive, fun day out with the kid(s) this is a great option.

We buy the glass bottles of Calder’s milk at Busch’s or Holiday Market when I shop at those stores. It is fun to see the cows that actually produce the milk and know that you are supporting a Michigan business:

Calder Dairy Farm

Lucas met some cows, of course:

Calder Cow1

And he was brave enough to pet one of the cows!  This is his excited face after walking away from the cow:

Lucas smile

Lucas also met an amazingly large pig:

Calder pig

He explored more of the farm with his cousins:

Calder wander

And we saw some sweet little baby cows!

Calder cows 2

At 3pm each day kids can help feed a baby calf.  We missed it this time, but MUST come back again to experience it.

At 4pm each day, you can watch the cows being milked:

Calder sign

There is an enclosed viewing area to watch the cows being milked.  (Lucas was more interested in his new toy car he received at the birthday party, which you can see him playing with on the bench):

Calder viewing area

We saw the truck that makes home deliveries in Wayne, Washtenaw, & Macomb counties weekly. Lucas is all about cars, trucks, and motorcycles at the moment so of course he loved this:

Calder dairy truck

And he loved the kids’ version of milk truck in the play area:


Lucas drove the little truck and it was the happiest moment of his day:

Lucas driving cow truck

Before you leave,  you can stop in at the general store to take home some Calder milk or ice cream. I just loved the old-fashioned cooler they store the bottles in:

Calder Milk IMG_1418

Madison’s birthday party was held in the room next to the general store.  This photo was taken as everyone was singing “Sto lat”- the Polish song for good wishes, good health and a long life:

Bday song

Lucas was sad to leave.  He had so much fun and told me he wanted to drive the “cow truck” home.  It was a great day on the farm.

Lucas fake cow

Happy 2nd Birthday, Miss Madison!