We have looked at appliances for the new house for a while (about 4 months).  I’ve poured over Consumer’s Report, visited the Sears Outlet website countless times and have waited patiently for that perfect deal to come along.

Today, I happened to stop at Lowe’s with my mom and Lucas because she needed to place an order for a sink in her lake house. Lucas was riding in one of his favorite racing shopping carts they have there for kids. I was having fun pushing him around the store while we waited for GiGi to finish up.  Naturally, we meandered over to the clearance appliances section that I check out almost every time I visit Lowe’s or Home Depot. And there it was:


A Samsung 4-door french door refrigerator with an external ice dispenser.  This is a grown up fridge, it could not possibly be in our price range. But it was.

Fridge Sticker

Thanks to being returned by a customer and undergoing a repair on the ice maker, it was back on the floor for sale at a 50% discount. So it had to come home with us! I’ll post a review of the Samsung fridge after we use it for about 6 months, so stay tuned.

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