Gas lines and paint chips

I have not talked about the house much in the past two weeks! Things are moving along, slowly, thanks to tons of rain and the local gas company.  While I was out-of-town for work the week of October 21, they were able to start building the porch out and added the brick around the foundation:


However, they cannot finish drywall or start siding until the local gas company comes out and installs the gas line.  We are hoping to close the week of Thanksgiving, but if this does not get moving it may get pushed to the first week of December.  I’m okay with that, but part of me would really like to host Thanksgiving at our new house. Please hurry, gas company, so I can cook a turkey in my new oven.

I’ve also been thinking about the details before we move in.  One of those is a kitchen backsplash.  Our house comes standard with the 4 inch granite backsplash, so I’ve asked the builder not to install it.  That way we can put it our own and not have to tear out the 4 inch piece granite and potentially damage the new drywall.  After a lecture about how unfinished the space cabinets may look, they’ve agreed to not install it per my request.  Yay!  One small win…now I just need to pick the backsplash tile.

Also, the hubs wants to paint the walls before we move in.  The problem is, I don’t have a clue how I want to decorate most of the rooms yet! This makes it really hard to pick a paint color.  But I understand his point. It is so much easier to paint without any furniture in the house. I stopped by Sherwin Williams today to see if any of their colors were inspiring enough to commit to now (please excuse the horrible lighting):

Paint Chips

The blue-green-gray colors are what I tend to gravitate towards. Sea Salt and Comfort Gray are my favorites on the far right chip. They are sort of gray with a green hint. Next over I love Interesting Aqua and have been loving that color for a long time on Pinterest. Tidewater is pretty and I almost used it in my old living room. Bathe Blue is on the far left and is more clear than my usual choices.  I tend to go for more muddy colors. When we move in, the builder is painting the entire house in Kestrel White.  It is a creamy yellowish white. We may end up living with that for a while and painting later.  We’ll see.

Enjoy your weekend and welcome to November!

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