Winter is coming…Netflix, Hulu+ or Cable?

I was not much of a television-watcher until I had my son, Lucas.  Newborn babies require a lot of time at home for naps, feedings, etc.  My preference is to read books, or go on the internet. But when you don’t have both hands free to do these things watching TV is much easier.  I got hooked on several shows since becoming a mommy. But I can never remember which nights they air or when the seasons start and end.  Usually I watch TV after Lucas is in bed, so I rarely catch shows live.

Winter is coming, which means a lot more time inside the house here in Michigan (anyone catch my Game of Thrones reference, hehe?).  We are trying to decide whether to get cable or not in our new house. The other option is just internet with Hulu+ and Netflix subscriptions. To help make that decision, here is a list of my favorite shows and where/when/how to watch them.

Once Upon A Time, ABC, Sundays at 8pm ET

ABC is really great getting full episodes up on their website the next day.  You can also easily watch on Hulu+ without much of a delay. If we decide not to get cable, I can continue to watch this show without missing anything.

The Walking Dead, AMC, Sundays at 9pm ET

My husband and I used to watch this show together.  But he has lost interest in the story line recently.  I still like the characters, but I am a baby when it comes to scary things and divert my eyes in another direction when the zombie scenes get graphic. When I can’t catch this show live, Netflix is the best place to watch The Walking Dead.

Nashville, ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm ET

I almost never watch this show live.  The 10pm airing is past my bed time.  I usually catch it the next day on demand or on Hulu+ ABC is really great getting full episodes up on their website the next day too.

Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, Thursdays at 9pm ET

I have watched this show since the very beginning (2005).  It used to be on Sunday nights (does anyone remember?) before it moved to Thursdays. My interest in this show varies.  Sometimes I am following along watching every single episode as they air.  Other times, I have been an entire season behind and need to catch up.  Hulu+ is definitely the best way to watch Grey’s if you are not going to watch it live.

Covert Affairs, USA, Thursdays at 10pm ET

This is one of my favorite shows, but my husband thinks it is silly and makes fun of me whenever I watch it.  I don’t care- this is a spy show for women and I like it.  USA Network is inconsistent about putting full episodes up on their website.  Hulu+ and Netflix do not get Covert Affairs episodes.  If we decide not to get cable this is one show I will really miss.

Downton Abbey, PBS, Sundays, Season 4 returns Jan 5-Feb 23

I cannot wait for Downton Abbey to return!! I have been avoiding any internet stories about Season 4 so I can be surprised. I will want to watch this show live if I can.  The PBS website is pretty good about getting episodes up but it is way more fun to watch it on TV than on a laptop.

Game of Thrones, HBO, Season 4 returns March 2014

This summer, I read all of the books and am so, so excited for Game of Thrones to come back.  This show is worth the cost of HBO for me.  I just don’t know if I can wait until it comes out on DVD to see the episodes.  Game of Thrones alone may be the reason we keep cable.

Call the Midwife, PBS, Season 3 returns Mar 30-May 18

Call the Midwife is as equally addictive as Downtown Abbey. I am okay watching this on my laptop, since no one else at my house seems to tolerate this show.

So, we’ll see what we decide to do about cable versus Hulu+ and Netflix.  I am okay with the first few months skipping cable, but when Game of Thrones comes back we just may need to revert back.

Are there any TV shows you can’t live without that require having cable?

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