I did not want to write this post for fear of sounding negative.  Overall this whole house-building process has been pretty easy.  The small renovation we did on our old house was way more stressful.

However, we have hit a speed bump and I don’t want it to go undocumented.  My house still looks like this- exactly as it was on November 1st.

House Bricks

The builder’s office called today to let me know the close date will be the week of January 6th.  What?!?! We were supposed to close the week of Thanksgiving, but now we are closing 45 days after Thanksgiving? I have no idea what is going on.  After some back and forth with the rep from the builder’s office, they are now understanding this is not acceptable and are working to get us a new closing date.

The man in charge is on vacation right now, but he gets back next week so hopefully we can sit down and iron this whole thing out. I drove by today and a crew was pouring the driveway, so that is good. Still trying to determine where the breakdown has happened.  My gut feeling is that communication is getting confused between the different contractors and the builder.  I don’t know much about this but it seems like they are pretty close to finishing so I can’t imagine what would take 45 days unless I am missing something.

So, I thought I would be cooking a Thanksgiving turkey in my new house and now I’ll be lucky if I get to put up a Christmas tee. Sigh…stay tuned for more!

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