Blue Christmas List

We draw names for Christmas on both sides of the family. On my husband’s side, the giftee is supposed to supply a list to the gifter to help give some shopping hints.  Here are some items going on my list this year. This was not planned, but apparently I am into blue! I only noticed after I created the collage:

Christmas List

teapot $35/cookbook $25/pillow $39/queen sheet set $35/brass planter $12/bed skirt $16/french oven $175 via homegoods or le creuset outlet/any candle from anthropologie

I posted the teapot because it is available right now, but any piece would be amazing.  I really want to start collecting the Arabia of Finland “Anemone” pattern in blue. I am on the hunt for it all- sugar bowl, creamer, a pair of tea cups, etc. Why?  First, I adore it, but also because it comes from Finland (Fun Fact: I am 25% Finnish). We can pretend it got passed down from one of my Finnish relatives and I will love it like it actually was a family heirloom.

The cookbook pictured is Pioneer Woman’s Holiday Cookbook.  I frequently make her recipes, but I usually just go to her website.  Having a cookbook would be really helpful as I am terrible at keeping electronic devices charged.  Some of my favorites recipes are her sour cream enchiladas, roasted red pepper pasta, white chili, and the list goes on and on. Every recipe I’ve tried has been amazing.

Candles from Anthropologie are my favorite.  I could get lost in that store all day just smelling candles.  Capri Blue Volcano seems to be their signature scent, but there are so many other amazing ones too.

We are moving into our new house soon. There are a few household items on the list. Fresh white sheets and a new bed skirt.  Nothing fancy, just crisp and white. IKEA has surprisingly soft sheets. Deep blues, greens, teals are some of the colors want to use as an accent in the living room.  This West Elm pillow would tie it all together and it is so pretty. And silky. And dreamy…

Speaking of dreams, having a Le Creuset french oven is a dream of mine. I am dropping a not-so-subtle hint to my husband right now. Please pause and help me mentally will him to read this post. Oh hello, you’re here, I can’t believe it worked! Yes, honey they are expensive. But, I have seen some at least 50% off at Homegoods and at the Le Creuset outlet at Birch Run. You can practically walk to Homegoods from our house. I am just trying to make this holiday season easier on YOU.

And last is the gold hanging planter from Urban Outfitters.  It is just $12 and I have big plans for these planters.  I want to use them in the kitchen and outside to store some plants, fruits, veggies, etc.  There is a larger vision going on that I might just need to show rather than explain.  I’ll work on that later this week…

So, what is on your Christmas list(s) this year?

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