Living Room Board

We cancelled our Macy’s couch over the weekend.  There were many factors involved in the decision, but basically I did not love it enough for it to make the cut versus what it costs. I am still pretty young and need to identify my style.  The dark gray sofa with clean lines was feeling very limiting to me from a decorating perspective, so I don’t think it is “the one” for our new house.

Now I am trying to work around the Buchanan Pottery Barn sofa (in Stone) that we already own. I would call this board “warm” and “beachy”.  We also have a leather armchair from Ethan Allen that was handed down plus a leather recliner to add more brown to the room.

Living Room PB Sofa1

table lamp/poster/curtains/coffee table/sofa/pillow/floor lamp/chair/nesting tables

I’m not positive about the direction of this room yet, but this board definitely feels more like home to me. We’ll see where we end up.

On house progress news, today I did a quick drive by to see they were pouring our sidewalk and front porch.  The granite countertops were also supposed to be installed today in the kitchen and bathrooms but I am not sure if that actually happened. Yay!  We are getting closer…

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