Affordable Blue Living Room

I have been really in to the color blue lately, as evidenced by this blue Christmas list and this blue toddler room. And today I bring you a blue living room board. I’m so predictable…

Living Room PB Sofa Cost

My goal is to try to furnish the living room for around $1,500, which would’ve been the cost of our new sofa at Macy’s that I recently returned. Using this combination of our existing furniture plus new items from Target and IKEA it is possible to stay on-budget. My first living room board was posted earlier this week, but I think I am liking this one a bit more. Here is how I would use the items:

The IKEA chair is actually quite comfortable, especially considering the price.  In my old house I bought similarly priced chairs that were so stiff I just hated sitting in them.  I don’t want to make that mistake twice, we ended up selling them at our garage sale. I may purchase two of the chairs to create a little conversation area on the far wall.

Our front window is huge (72in x 72in) so I would layer the two sets of drapes with the navy on the outside and the white on the inside.  They come in the 108″ length so for the price they are a steal.  It is very difficult to find reasonably priced drapes for that large window size.

The Target pillow is the right color and ties in from a pattern perspective with the drapes.  They are also an absolute steal on sale for $14 for an 18×18 inch pillow.  I’ll probably buy two of these for the sofa.

The mid-century coffee table is actually the perfect size for the sofa and is not too wide since the room is long and narrow.  The matching tv console will help the two pieces feel a little more intentional against the more traditional sofa and leather chair.  The blue chairs are more mid-century in their shape and style.

Gold tables add a little fun accent to the room.  I’ve actually already bought two of the square tables and one of the gold tray table.  They are sitting in the garage for the moment waiting until we move.  The gold square tables are part of Nate Berkus’ line for Target and are sold only in stores so I wanted to make sure I grabbed those before they are gone.

I tend to wear a lot of navy clothing, so this room feels like my style.  Navy is a great “neutral” to pair with other accessories and fun colors.  Kelly green, a preppy pink, chartreuse, golden-yellow or burnt orange all look nice paired with the navy. This neutral base of furniture is a great start to get us moved in at the new house before I add other colors in the accessories. I might move forward with this plan, but we’ll see, I could still change my mind….

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