Santa Sack

A Brooklyn Limestone posted a free printable earlier this week for this adorable Santa Sack.

It was the perfect answer to a question I’ve been struggling on. How does Santa get into our new house without a chimney or fireplace? This santa sack could be the answer!  Maybe Santa drops presents off in a sack for each child and leaves it at the front door for parents to bring inside and set under the tree? It could work…

I don’t attempt craft or art projects very often, but this was just too cute not to try. I ordered the exact same laundry bag that was used in by A Brooklyn Limestone, which arrived in the mail yesterday along with some iron on transfer paper.

Transfer Paper

First step was making sure my printer had ink.  Black was low so I used gray for the text that was supposed to be black.  I also remembered to print everything as a mirror image on the transfer paper.

Graphics reverse printed

While I was printing, the laundry bag was washed and dried on high heat.  I also ironed the bag and let it cool completely before getting started. I did a rough layout on the table while I waited for the bag to cool down:

Fixing comma on bag

After the bag was cool, I placed a cardboard box underneath the sack for ironing.  The instructions on my package of iron on transfer paper were pretty clear that you should not use an ironing board or towel, only a flat and sturdy surface. I asked my husband to do the final layout because he tends to keep things straighter than I do:

Laying out the santa sack

And right here my friends is where we made a huge misstep.  He put the word in backwards order.  So for example, you’ll see the words are lined up to say “delivery overnight” instead of “overnight delivery”.  I had the job of ironing and I did not catch the mistake.  I was so focused on ironing everything evenly on high temperature that I did not even look to see the order had changed. Here is our imperfect finished Santa Bag:

Completed Bag

What finally made us realize the typo was the random comma that was out of place when we peeled off the top layer of transfer paper. My husband was able to scrape it away with a razor blade, but the order of text still hardly makes sense:

Text Error

My son Lucas is only 2 years old, so he is not really going to notice for the moment.  This year, we are going to use our imperfect Santa Sack to see if he likes it. If it makes sense we’ll re-make the bag with the correct order and placements of words. But overall I think it turned out pretty cute, typos and all.

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