Winter is coming…Netflix, Hulu+ or Cable?

I was not much of a television-watcher until I had my son, Lucas.  Newborn babies require a lot of time at home for naps, feedings, etc.  My preference is to read books, or go on the internet. But when you don’t have both hands free to do these things watching TV is much easier.  I got hooked on several shows since becoming a mommy. But I can never remember which nights they air or when the seasons start and end.  Usually I watch TV after Lucas is in bed, so I rarely catch shows live.

Winter is coming, which means a lot more time inside the house here in Michigan (anyone catch my Game of Thrones reference, hehe?).  We are trying to decide whether to get cable or not in our new house. The other option is just internet with Hulu+ and Netflix subscriptions. To help make that decision, here is a list of my favorite shows and where/when/how to watch them.

Once Upon A Time, ABC, Sundays at 8pm ET

ABC is really great getting full episodes up on their website the next day.  You can also easily watch on Hulu+ without much of a delay. If we decide not to get cable, I can continue to watch this show without missing anything.

The Walking Dead, AMC, Sundays at 9pm ET

My husband and I used to watch this show together.  But he has lost interest in the story line recently.  I still like the characters, but I am a baby when it comes to scary things and divert my eyes in another direction when the zombie scenes get graphic. When I can’t catch this show live, Netflix is the best place to watch The Walking Dead.

Nashville, ABC, Wednesdays at 10pm ET

I almost never watch this show live.  The 10pm airing is past my bed time.  I usually catch it the next day on demand or on Hulu+ ABC is really great getting full episodes up on their website the next day too.

Grey’s Anatomy, ABC, Thursdays at 9pm ET

I have watched this show since the very beginning (2005).  It used to be on Sunday nights (does anyone remember?) before it moved to Thursdays. My interest in this show varies.  Sometimes I am following along watching every single episode as they air.  Other times, I have been an entire season behind and need to catch up.  Hulu+ is definitely the best way to watch Grey’s if you are not going to watch it live.

Covert Affairs, USA, Thursdays at 10pm ET

This is one of my favorite shows, but my husband thinks it is silly and makes fun of me whenever I watch it.  I don’t care- this is a spy show for women and I like it.  USA Network is inconsistent about putting full episodes up on their website.  Hulu+ and Netflix do not get Covert Affairs episodes.  If we decide not to get cable this is one show I will really miss.

Downton Abbey, PBS, Sundays, Season 4 returns Jan 5-Feb 23

I cannot wait for Downton Abbey to return!! I have been avoiding any internet stories about Season 4 so I can be surprised. I will want to watch this show live if I can.  The PBS website is pretty good about getting episodes up but it is way more fun to watch it on TV than on a laptop.

Game of Thrones, HBO, Season 4 returns March 2014

This summer, I read all of the books and am so, so excited for Game of Thrones to come back.  This show is worth the cost of HBO for me.  I just don’t know if I can wait until it comes out on DVD to see the episodes.  Game of Thrones alone may be the reason we keep cable.

Call the Midwife, PBS, Season 3 returns Mar 30-May 18

Call the Midwife is as equally addictive as Downtown Abbey. I am okay watching this on my laptop, since no one else at my house seems to tolerate this show.

So, we’ll see what we decide to do about cable versus Hulu+ and Netflix.  I am okay with the first few months skipping cable, but when Game of Thrones comes back we just may need to revert back.

Are there any TV shows you can’t live without that require having cable?

Gas lines and paint chips

I have not talked about the house much in the past two weeks! Things are moving along, slowly, thanks to tons of rain and the local gas company.  While I was out-of-town for work the week of October 21, they were able to start building the porch out and added the brick around the foundation:


However, they cannot finish drywall or start siding until the local gas company comes out and installs the gas line.  We are hoping to close the week of Thanksgiving, but if this does not get moving it may get pushed to the first week of December.  I’m okay with that, but part of me would really like to host Thanksgiving at our new house. Please hurry, gas company, so I can cook a turkey in my new oven.

I’ve also been thinking about the details before we move in.  One of those is a kitchen backsplash.  Our house comes standard with the 4 inch granite backsplash, so I’ve asked the builder not to install it.  That way we can put it our own and not have to tear out the 4 inch piece granite and potentially damage the new drywall.  After a lecture about how unfinished the space cabinets may look, they’ve agreed to not install it per my request.  Yay!  One small win…now I just need to pick the backsplash tile.

Also, the hubs wants to paint the walls before we move in.  The problem is, I don’t have a clue how I want to decorate most of the rooms yet! This makes it really hard to pick a paint color.  But I understand his point. It is so much easier to paint without any furniture in the house. I stopped by Sherwin Williams today to see if any of their colors were inspiring enough to commit to now (please excuse the horrible lighting):

Paint Chips

The blue-green-gray colors are what I tend to gravitate towards. Sea Salt and Comfort Gray are my favorites on the far right chip. They are sort of gray with a green hint. Next over I love Interesting Aqua and have been loving that color for a long time on Pinterest. Tidewater is pretty and I almost used it in my old living room. Bathe Blue is on the far left and is more clear than my usual choices.  I tend to go for more muddy colors. When we move in, the builder is painting the entire house in Kestrel White.  It is a creamy yellowish white. We may end up living with that for a while and painting later.  We’ll see.

Enjoy your weekend and welcome to November!

Pumpkin Carving 2013

Pumpkin Carving 2013

The hubs did an amazing job on our pumpkins this year. He ended up carving every single one of them with input and direction from us. The left one is for Lucas with the big eyes and sideways smile. The middle one is mine, something I saw on Pinterest and thought it would be a good excuse to break out the drill. And the right one is Mr. Mitten’s and he was inspired by those scary fish in Finding Nemo with the sharp teeth and lights.

How did your pumpkins turn out this year?

Closing in November…

I just heard from our realtor who said we are on track to close on our new house in November!  I’m so excited.  From the outside, our house still looks like this:

7 Oct

However, a lot of work has happened on the inside of the house this past week.  Rough electrical, plumbing, gas and they are getting started on pouring the driveway in back.

November is earlier than I was expecting the house to be finished.  But let me be clear my expectations have been low.   I heard from so many people to expect delays when building a new home.  Our builder told us 180 working days, so I was thinking December or even January so to hear November is amazing.

My mind is racing now with the things we must get done before moving in.  We have a washer, but still need a dryer.  The kitchen appliances have all been purchased. Window coverings (curtains, blinds, paper taped to the window?) of some kind are a “must have” in my book.  We have enough furniture to fill out most of the rooms. Everything else can wait and be added slowly over time. And then there is actual moving to think about; you know what, let’s not think about it now 🙂

What are your must have items when you move in to a new house?



We bought our range over the weekend! Here’s a photo that I snapped at the outlet just after purchase. Pardon the ugliness of the photo, this range was fresh off the truck and not on the retail floor yet. We’ve been looking for appliances since we signed our contract in April on the new house.  I frequently check on the floor samples at the major hardware stores in the area and at appliance outlets for deals.  On Saturday, a sales rep approached me and instead of shooing him away like I usually do I opened up about what I was looking to buy.  He said “we just got a couple of new items in that are not on the floor yet.  Let me ask my manager if it is okay to bring you back to see because I think we have one you might like”.  And sure enough there it was! This is a Jenn-Air Slide In Dual Fuel Range with Convection.  I feel like I am speaking another language sometimes when you talk about features.  But we got it for a great price, which I am excited about.

Our fridge was purchased a little while ago, now the range is done and all we have left to get is a dryer- woo hoo! I hate to pay delivery fees, so my dad was sweet enough to lend us his truck and a hand in picking it up and loading in the garage tonight.  The boys tell me it is really, really heavy.  I am excited to start cooking on it and I’ll share my thoughts in greater detail after we’ve used it for at least 6 months.

Brick pile

I am in New York City this week for some meetings at work, but I am dying to know what is going on back in Michigan at the new house. Before I left for my trip, the house was looking like this


7 Oct

Do you see that pile of bricks in front?  Those will cover the foundation and porch. I’m excited to see how far along they are when I get home tomorrow.

Blue & Orange Toddler Boy Room

Big Boy Room Collage

(start upper left, clockwise)

Starburst Wood Mirror– is also from Target. It originally retailed for $49, but I got it on sale over the summer for just $15. Source.

Light– looks industrial and will swap out easily for the builder grade ceiling fixture. Source.

Airplane Propeller– such cute décor item for a boy. This one pictured is from Restoration Hardware and way out of my budget. I found something similar at Homegoods, but unfortunately don’t have a photo to link to just yet. Source.

Inspiration room photo– I saw this on Pinterest many moons ago and just loved it so much it was my inspiration for pulling together Lucas’ big boy room. Source unknown.

Mid-Century Bed- we bought this for Lucas at the Pottery Barn outlet over the summer. It is a West Elm bed and normally retails for $699. I paid just $150 because it was a floor sample and was missing a few pieces of hardware. Source.

Rugby Striped Quilt– I ordered this from Creative Seams on Etsy. The quilter, Jill, is from Ann Arbor and makes just about any color combination you can dream up. Source.

Orange Link Ottoman/Pouf– I found this at Wal-Mart actually and was surprised to see an ottoman like this for under $30. Perfect for a kids room! Source.

National Parks Map- is adorable and has stickers to mark off the places you’ve been. Lots of fun for a little boy. ElloThere on Etsy has a great version.  Source.

Airplane Pillow– very boyish and affordable on Etsy. Source.

Modern bed sheets– are from Target and are currently on sale! I am thinking about picking up an extra set before they sell out. Source.




We have a roof on our house! I drove by this morning and they had the packages of shingles sitting on top. When I came back again this evening, they had made it this far:


3 Oct back

I am very excited about the color. The shingles are Mystique by Building Products of Canada in the color Rustic Cedar. The sample looked more red-brown and I was actually having some anxiety about if it would be too red. In person, the color looks more gray-brown so it is perfect. Our builder recommended rustic cedar to pair with our siding choice and I’m really glad we listened to him now.